Real Estate Maintenance



If you’re dealing with unforeseen expenses, your homeowners’ association can make emergency assessments. Learn more about them and find out how we can help.

Homeowners’ Associations & Emergency Assessments

Running a homeowner’s association is a bit like a juggling act—you have to keep your residents happy, come to decisions as a board, and budget for common expenditures like maintenance, pest control, insurance, and more. Unfortunately, as with any aspect of life, unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of your HOA. In these cases, your association might need extra money to cover the damage...

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Exterior Paint Project

If you have ever managed a construction project, then you know that what would seemingly be a basic task is actually the greatest challenge: obtaining bids with the identical job scopes. Putting together a detailed “RFP” (aka Request for Proposal) for the bidders to work off of is the first and most important step.   A board member’s function should be limited to decision-making, and...

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