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We understand that life can get in the way and create challenges. Let us help you get back to good standing with the association in a compassionate yet fair way.

  Property Managers

Contact us to learn about getting your associations paid quicker. We can discuss your options by phone or come to you and your board of directors to provide a face to face presentation.

We provide the following services to California development associations and property management companies:

Fastest collections method (within 24 hrs)

Judicial & Non-Judicial Foreclosure

Online ability to view collections status

Monthly status reports

Payment plan processing and monitoring

Updates throughout the collection process

Bankruptcy Monitoring

Consultation services for self managed associations

Timely Collection

We understand that timely collection of assessments is essential for the overall financial health of your homeowners association.  By utilizing the most advanced and unique collection methods, we are able to swiftly bring homeowners back in good standing through diligent and professional methods.  Unique to the industry, CHCS is able to transfer funds to the HOA within 24 hours after collections instead of the industry standard of 2 weeks.

Non-Judicial Forclosure

While the non-judicial foreclosure process is the most aggressive and often most effective method used means of collection, what differentiates C.H.C.S. is that we use other methods of collection.  By educating delinquent owners of the seriousness of the situation, and through clear lines of communication, the majority of accounts are brought current with minimal cost to the homeowner who is already in a distressed situation.

Effective Communication

Continual effective communication with all parties is the key to success.  We work closely with the homeowner, management companies and board members alike by providing detailed weekly progress reports.  The reports include a breakdown of the homeowners current balance, copies of notices issued and a clear time-line making it easy to identify and understand the next steps to rectify the situation.  Real time access to updated information is also available online as well.

Service with a focus on getting members out of collections, not into collections

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