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About Us

Timely collections through a unique way in a professional and respectful manner.

About Us


Our Services

We provide the following services to California development associations and property management companies.

Our Services



Tools to help HOA board members, property management companies, and homeowners.


Mission Statement

Enabling homeowners associations to meet their budgetary and long term goals for capital improvements, as well as maximizing funding levels and meeting reserve contribution goals. This is how we define financial health for homeowner associations, and is achieved through the collaborative practices of clear communications, diligent follow up and consistent application of advanced professional assessment collection methods. This is how an H.O.A. defines its financial health.

  Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff

Our collection experts work closely with delinquent homeowners to make sure they fully understand each stage of the collections process. We have found that this type of close contact with homeowners encourages their cooperation, and yields the fastest results. Also, we believe that the collection process should have a minimal impact on the association, therefore, delinquent owners are billed directly for the costs involved.

  Timely Responses

We understand that timely collection of assessments is essential for the overall financial health of your homeowners association.  By utilizing the most advanced and unique collection methods, we are able to swiftly bring homeowners back in good standing through diligent and professional methods.  Unique to the industry, CHCS is able to transfer funds to the HOA within 24 hours after collections instead of the industry standard of two weeks.

A modern approach to debt collection

The results you want. The trust you need.

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