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Bridging the gap between delinquency and good standing…


A refreshingly respectful and customer centric approach to collections

California HOA Collection Services understands the importance of your association receiving their assessments on a regular basis in order to meet its obligations. We offer condominium associations timely collection services carried out in a uniquely professional and respectful manner.

A New Way To Collect

More than collections – Results. Bridging the gap between delinquency and good standing…

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The power of creativity

Through uniquely diplomatic and clear communication we strive to make the collections experience a positive one by focusing on how we can give homeowners an opportunity to regain their good standing with their H.O.A. without affecting their credit score.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

A combination of years in property management, collections and customer service industries brings a fresh customer centric approach

Your Budget. On Track.

With over 20 years experience working with homeowner associations, providing assessment collection services and managing properties we are well suited to provide consultation services to you for free as partners.

By utilizing the most advanced and unique collection methods, we are able to swiftly bring homeowners back in good standing through diligent and professional methods. 

The C.H.C.S. Difference

A Modern Approach.

As members of C.A.I (Community Associations Institute) and accredited members of the B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau) we are always current on the latest California legislation as well as upcoming legislation as it relates to the collection process of delinquent assessments.

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Service with a focus on getting members out of collections, not into collections

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