Homeowners & Property Managers


In keeping with our mission to maximize funding goals through advanced and professional collection methods – we believe that communication is the key to swift and successful assessment collections.


As part of our forward thinking and customer centric philosophy we consider Board Members, H.O.A. Managers and Association Members we’re helping to regain good standing all to be within our Client Group.

Mission Statement

Enabling homeowners associations to meet their budgetary and long term goals for capital improvements, as well as maximizing funding levels and meeting reserve contribution goals.


Anyone in our Client Group will always have 24/7 access to the most valuable information when it’s needed the most.

At CHCS we understand that clients need to track progress by having immediate access to status reports.  We also realize the importance of efficiency when making inquiries.  Our unique web based tracking system allows clients to quickly and easily see exactly where things stand.


Because this process can be taxing on all involved, establishing communications with a “human element” is essential. 

While the required notices are immediately issued to delinquent homeowners during each stage of the collections time-line, face to face meetings have proven to be an effective means of finding common ground and achieving mutually beneficial compromises such as realistic payment plans.


We will sit down in person with the Client Group as a liaison to discuss the challenges we all face, and make our best efforts to arrive at an installment agreement that is strong, but realistic.  Those are the payment plans that stand the test of time, lead to a full payoff for the association and prevent association members from losing their homes.

Unlike other collection agencies, we do not have limitations on the duration of payment plans. We will craft the payment plan’s language based upon what the Client Group agrees is best for all involved. We then monitor the installments to ensure they are made consistently and on time.